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Unexpected activation of fire sprinklers can be a hassle,especially when your home is at risk!

Accidental discharge of fire sprinklers may occur due to overheating,mechanical damage,corrosion,a manufacturing or installation defect. All these are things you cannot control,but an experienced technician can control the spreading of water damage,and the gravity of the harm produced to your belongings. When looking for such an experienced technician think of Chino Water Damageas your first choice! Our skilled professionals come with the best tools and gear for an emergency clean-up and a complete restoration procedure.

On its way,water can easily and permanently affect furniture,objects,ceilings,drywall and floors if fast and proper actions are not taken immediately! We are a strong and reliable partner that knows how to handle this type of job,and know how to regain the ideal state of an affected area as soon as possible. We are by your side day and night with the promise to be at your door in no more than 30 minutes from your call.

Don't risk permanent damage due to fire sprinkler failure

Chino Water Damage provides a service unmatched in the industry! We know what causes fire sprinkler damage, and we're fully prepared and equipped to restore the damage immediately. Don't wait to contact us, even the smallest leak or minimal damage can turn into a huge disaster if left untreated. We provide off site storage to care for personal belongings during the restoration, and provide a free estimate upon arrival. We will assess the damage, and get right down to the heart of the issue. Our technicians are trained by the IICRC to eradicate the damage as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Call Chino Water Damage today! (909) 703-3595 for on site service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We're here for you!

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