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Residential Area Water Damage Specialists

It is unexpectedly and highly unpleasant to come home and find your house,furniture and items floating in water. But try not to feel discouraged and think that you have to handle all this mess by yourself. Chino Water Damage is your expert when talking about water damage restoration services and emergency actions for such situations.

After you call us,wait no longer than 30 minutes and we will be at your door ready to develop some key steps in obtaining a highly successful restoration and fix your problem as soon as possible. These steps include:

1. Initial inspection:During this first step,we evaluate the total loss and isolate the source of the water damage. This is a vital step in assuring that no areas left unnoticed and that the water damage is taken care of completely.

2. Water extraction &DehumidificationAfter we have identified the hidden water also,we begin to evacuate all standing water using our special extraction machines and gear. After all water has been removed,we install dehumidifiers and ventilation fans to enhance the drying process.

3. Drying process:We take into consideration each property needs a customized drying plan to properly remove all standing water and hidden moisture. Then,the plan is evaluated by constantly measuring the parameters to see how the area responds to the drying method applied. We may ask you to let us move certain pieces of furniture or objects,and,if we consider that they need to be removed completely until the job is done,we will offer you off-site storage.

4. Water damage remediation:When reaching the final step in the process,we will provide you with different options for restoring the comfort of your home. The completion of this step may take several days depending on the extent of the damage and the materials involved. Still,we promise to work fast and efficient to have your property back to normal as soon as possible.

When thinking that you could have done it by yourself,remember that water is not the only enemy we fight during this process. Take into consideration the possibility of a health hazard you are exposing yourself to. When surfaces are in contact with water for a long time,mold and microbial growth tend to occur. But we do not leave the area without performing a final inspection and searching for any hidden spots were water might have reached. Thus,we make sure that no illnesses will affect your or your family once the restoration process is finished.

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